"4G for you" (4G4U)

Glaciers are important natural water reservoirs. Their meltwater secures the water supply and thus the basis of life in dry mountain regions such as in Central Asia or South America. In the Alps, too, glacial meltwater can prevent a water shortage in a dry, hot summer. But climate change is causing glaciers to melt at an ever faster rate. In the long term, this will lead to regional water shortages and can trigger migration flows and even conflicts.

This is exactly the point where we start, because it is highest time to act, which is expressed with the vision "Glaciers can grow again in the future". This involves glaciological solution approaches (G1: MortAlive, glacier cover, protection of water supplies, etc.), motivation for global climate protection (G2: Swiss Ice Fiddlers, Tango Glaciar), action-oriented, sustainable outdoor offers (G3: excursions, adventure and activity weeks) and global networking and communication (G4: transdisciplinary future design, networking, publications and media work).

All our services are connected with our projects, which you can find on our Portfolio page. 

Our Services

G1: Glaciology

  • MortAlive - Research
  • Ice measurements on the Upper Engadine lakes
  • Permafrost subsoil investigations

G2: glacier music and music vision

  • Swiss Ice Fiddlers performances
  • TangoGlaciar performances
  • Musikstrahl - Atelier for Music Therapy & Pedagogy

G3: get out!

  • Excursions (e.g. Morteratsch glacier foreland)
  • Gletscher- und Yoga-Woche
  • New hiking, snowshoeing and ski touring options

G4: Global Networking

  • Scientific publications
  • Presentation activities and participation in congresses
  • Media work
  • Rotary Engagement