4G for you: glacier music and glacier vision

Music can have an incredibly motivating power and inspire people to get involved in a good cause. In terms of glacier conservation, music helps raise awareness of the threats to these important ecosystems and motivates people to take action to support their preservation.

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Swiss Ice Fiddlers  

The Swiss Ice Fiddlers evoke emotions about the uniqueness of the fascinating ice world of the high mountains in a unique way. Violin sounds, landscape photography, exciting fairy tales animated with pictures and popular scientific glaciological explanations combined with culinary delights create unexpectedly enchanting effects that make the topic of climate protection a matter of the heart. Evening programs, stagings, children's excursions and framings for occasions of all kinds are individually arranged. Musical performances include entertaining folk music from Northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Ireland), Switzerland and kletzmer music.


The Duo TangoGlaciar consists of the two glaciologists Johannes Oerlemans and Felix Keller. Well-known tangos for orchestra were arranged by Johannes Oerlemans for this intimate instrumentation. Performances at home in Switzerland and abroad (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden) in milongas and scientific meetings give a special charm to the perhaps only tango ensemble of glaciologists in the world.


Atelier for music therapy and pedagogy

,,Music therapy has the goal of promoting, maintaining or restoring emotional, mental and physical health through music, using methods individually tailored to the client."

We offer the following types of music therapy:

  • Music therapy for children: free music making and experimentation with therapeutic accompaniment
  • Music Therapy Adults: Playing and experimenting with elementary musical instruments or being played with.
  • Music education: free music making and experimentation with therapeutic accompaniment
  • Dodo Parent-Child Singing: Singing, moving and making music with the whole family.