4G for you: Glaciology

The business field "Glaciology" has its origins when Felix Keller, during his dissertation at the Experimental Station for Water, Hydrology and Glaciology of the ETH Zurich, was allowed to lead his own first consulting projects already in 1988. With the founding of ILUalpins - a branch office of ILU AG in Uster (Zürich) - and the subsequent founding of GEOalpins at the Academia Engiadina - today the Center for Applied Glaciology - a focus on subsoil consulting in permafrost, natural hazard analyses and lake ice investigations for the large sporting events on the forested Upper Engadine lakes followed. In 2015 the MortAlive project was born, which triggered an unpredictable development such as construction of Ice Stupas, cooperation with Ladakh and also the big Innosuisse project "Schneiseil".

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MortAlive - Research


Ice measurements on the Upper Engadine lakes


Permafrost Baugrunduntersuchungen