The Association GlaciersAlive is a group of committed people from science, research, communication and administration who work for sustainable solutions to water issues.

In order for the mountain regions to fulfill their role as water castles for large parts of the world's population, the interactions between water - agriculture and tourism can be optimally cultivated through effective projects.


Here you can find all information about the GlaciersAlive association:

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Ice Stupa project

Mit der “Ice Stupa Artifical Ice Reservoir Technology“ (AIR) wird ungenutztes Wasser im Winter in grossen Eistürmen gespeichert. Das im Frühling dann zur Verfügung stehende Schmelzwasser wird für die Bewässerung in der Landwirtschaft genutzt.

Glacier covers

Fleece covers are one of the only successfully implemented methods of preserving snow and glaciers by protecting the snow below from melting.

MortAlive Project

MortAlive is a project with the goal of finding innovative solutions for covering glaciers with snow. As long as snow is on the ice, this is completely protected from melting.
Thus, the loss of water reservoirs in dry mountain regions could be stopped.