Spending a day with people who are interested in the glacier world, global water supply and outdoor activities? The perfect day for us!

On Saturday, our day began with a snowshoe hike at the Diavolezza valley station, which took us to the Ice Stupa, our main attraction of the day. Not even the strong wind could stop the motivated group from having fun. On the way, the participants learned more about Ice Stupas, Ladakh and its water supply. Back in the warmth, there was glacier music from the TangoGlaciar Duo, whose music melted hearts instead of ice.

The day was far from over, as we continued with a lecture on the origins and significance of the Ice Stupas. The ice stupas are of particular importance for the Himalayan region. With the disappearance of the glaciers, large water reservoirs are being lost, which poses ever greater problems for irrigation in the barren heights of the Himalayas, especially in the Ladakh region. This is where the ice stupas come into play as innovative water reservoirs.

After looking at the Ice Stupas in pictures, it was time to see the real Ice Stupa from the inside. A 13-metre-high mass of ice, lighting that made the icicles inside shine even brighter and a warm drink awaited the guests. Finally, we ended the day with barley soup and glacier music.